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Care During The Postpartum Period

The midwife begins her postpartum care in the hospital. For the first 3-6 hours after your birth, you are assessed by your midwife. If all is well with you and your newborn, you are discharged home. This ensures that you will get adequate rest in the quiet and peaceful environment of your home. The midwife still provides 24- hour on call assess via her pager for urgent concerns about you and /or your newborn. You can refer to our When to Page the Midwife After the Baby is Born section for more details.

You will be visited at home within 24 hours after your birth. A total of three home visits are offered in your home during the first week postpartum. More visits are offered if special circumstances arise. Three more visits are conducted in the office site before discharging you and your baby to your family doctor or pediatrician at 6 weeks postpartum.

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