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Our Students


Midwifery Student, Team D


Tansi! My name is Shazeal, I’m a midwifery student at Ryerson.


I’m originally from northern Alberta & the Bigstone Cree nation. I hope to move back home to practice after this program. My great grandmother was a midwife and delivered many of the elders in my community today. My grandmother is a nurse Practitioner and helped set up many of the health centres on my reserve today. I was raised in a culturally rich family attending powwows, sweats and ceremonies my whole childhood. My grandmother demonstrated how to blend traditional medicine with modern practice. She spent many years teaching and establishing a nursing program in the community.


I hope to continue her work and help bring birth back to my community. I am privileged to carry her equipment with me today as I become a midwife and take over her work.

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