Our Administrators


Clinical Administrator


Jaclyn has been working with Diversity Midwives since November 2018, and has enjoyed the interactions with clients and the experiences so far. Before settling down in Toronto, she worked in Disney World, did HIV programming in Ghana, Africa, and completed her Masters of Social Work in Edinburgh, Scotland.


You will find Jaclyn in the office drinking her coffee (black), and singing along to cheesy 90’s-2000’s pop/r&b/alternative rock music (on Friday’s if the office is quiet, it’s Broadway/Disney tunes).


Clinical Administrator


Jamila joined Diversity Midwives in May 2021 after working as an Administrative Assistant for a Paediatric Cardiologist. She has a business degree in Fashion Arts, as well as a Bachelor of Religious Studies. She is new to the Scarborough area and looking forward to being part of a diverse and vibrant community.