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Care During Pregnancy ​ During regularly scheduled visits to our clinic, midwives provide: physical assessments such as taking your blood pressure, urine testing, measuring uterine growth and listening to the fetal heart rate. Appointments are on average 30 minutes long. Prenatal visits take place every 4 - 6 weeks for the first 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks and then every 1-2 weeks until your baby is born. Appointments are conducted in our clinic. Partners are welcome to participate in appointments with you via mobile phone and/or video application. We will address any urgent concerns, at any time, through our pager number.

Care During Labor and Birth ​ When the time comes, usually once active labor begins, your midwife will assess you either at home, in the hospital, or at the birth center.  During labor, midwives monitor you and baby’s wellbeing, and the labor progress. We provide you with support during your labor, helping you to birth baby and we continue care for the immediate postpartum period.

Care During The Postpartum Period ​ Your midwife will begin postpartum care in the hospital. For the first 3-6 hours after your baby's birth, you are assessed by your midwife. If all is well with you and your newborn, you are discharged home. This ensures that you will get adequate rest in the quiet and peaceful environment of your home. The midwife still provides 24- hour on call assess via her pager for any urgent concerns about you and /or your newborn. ​A midwife will also visit your home in the first week after your baby is born to check on you and your baby, assist with newborn feeding and answer any questions about other aspects of maternal and infant care. Your subsequent visits, up until six weeks, will take place in our clinic. Your final visit typically takes place at six weeks and will also be booked in the clinic.



Home Birth Where you decide to have your baby is your choice. About 25-30% of midwifery clients in Ontario plan a home birth. Your midwife will assess whether you are a good candidate for planning a home birth. If you have a home birth, the range of pain relief options available to you will include things such as massage, shower/bathing, and sterile water injections. You can only access an epidural in hospital. With a home birth, your primary midwife will monitor both you and your baby during your labor. A second midwife will arrive close to the end of your labor to take care of your baby once she or he is born.

Toronto Birth Center You can plan to have your baby at the TBC if you: • have a registered midwife, • are in good health, and • are having a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy. The Birth Centre is midwife-led, which means that there are no doctors or nurses on site. At the Birth Centre, you will be attended by your midwives (usually two), along with any support people you wish to bring. Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy and birth and are trained to deal with emergencies. In addition, the Birth Centre is ready to deal with urgent situations and emergency transfers to hospitals, if required. ​ To book your tour of the Toronto Birth Centre please call (416)-366-8080 ext. 101 or select option 3.

Scarborough Health Network Diversity Midwives have privileges at the Scarborough Health Network. We primarily provide midwifery care at the General Site, our home base. The Family Maternal Centre has private birthing rooms where women labor, deliver and can remain in the early postpartum period.

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