About Diversity Midwives

Here at Diversity Midwives we're known as one of the most multicultural groups in all of Toronto, specializing in client care during and shortly after child birth. Our mission is to keep inclusiveness as our number one priority, ensuring expecting parents are active decision makers while in Diversity's care.

At Diversity Midwives we serve clients of different races, genders, and ethnicities. What makes us unique is that we encompass a team-based approach, having a group of midwives work together to provide your family with the best care around the clock. Our midwives are incredibly dedicated to their knowledge and practice, and are accommodating of all our client’s individual needs. They show great compassion, patience, and support that leaves our clients feeling greatly assured after every appointment. This is evidenced through the amount of clients who return to our clinic so that they may continue to have their second or third or more babies in our care!

If you'd like to become a client of Diversity  Midwives please Request a Midwife.